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Australian Labradoodles are a very popular breed for good reason. Besides the obvious cuteness factor, Australian Labradoodles are known for their sweet and gentle disposition, high intelligence, easy trainability, rare intuition, robust and athletic build, and their non-shedding/allergy friendly coat.

The breed came to be in the 1980's when Rutland Manor Breeding and Research and Tegan Park Breeding and Research took on the task of developing a breed perfect for service with hypoallergenic potential. Years of careful selection have resulted in what we see today in our Australian Labradoodles.

They are the ultimate service dog, assistance dog, therapy dog, medical alert dog, and all around family companion.

Adrienne, Co-Owner/Superintendent with Tru Chocolate

We are a small facility located in Arlington, Washington. We first became aware of the breed after our daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy at 2 1/2 years old. With her initial diagnosis came a lot of fear and anxiety. Unsure of what the future held, we focused our energy on finding resources to help our child. We started researching service dogs and that naturally led us to the Australian Labradoodle.

We are thankful to say that our child is medically controlled, but we moved forward and purchased an Australian Labradoodle anyway. We have been so overjoyed with this dog. She has been a joy, a constant comfort, entertainment, relaxation, and all around blessing. I would say she provides something to each member of our family, apparently we all needed a therapy dog. We love her so much we want to provide other families a chance to experience the same thing.

Although we are new breeders, we are being mentored by Shadow Mountain Labradoodles. Charl with Shadow Mountain has over a decades worth of experience and will be guiding us every step of the way.

Thank you for considering Glacier Peak Labradoodles for your next family member.

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